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17 years of One Piece: Art + Tears

If I had to choose one (among many) of the things that, to me, set Oda’s art apart from other shonen artists, it would probably be the way he draws his characters crying. I always loved that with him there was never any sugar-coating when the characters need to express their emotions. No sparkly tears, no beautiful, cute, crying faces. You get the ugly sobbing, the runny nose, the tears blocking the vision. Basically, you get the raw emotion and pain that the characters feel, which has a huge impact in more emotional scenes. And that’s, in my opinion, one of the things about Oda’s art that really deserves praise.

These tears are my tears. So many years of memories. One Piece is a part of my soul. T_T And I owe you SO much, Eiichiro Oda.


by Ham Sung-choul

holy crap, saving this for when I want to study details :)

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Dude I swear the art in SAO 2 is better, I mean look at this, so sexy lol

Some imagination stuff I did a little while back, still working on those imagination skills….haha. I like to see my progression in one place and tumblr happens to be that particular place nowadays. There will be much more soon, improvement power!!


random doodle :p



Favourites fights

god I love SAO